What we do

Our end-to-end Inventory Monetisation model

The diagram below demonstrates how our value proposition satisfies a corporate need. Leveraging product enhancements made in 2021, we were able to foster a global offering aimed at covering a real end-to-end inventory monetisation experience.

Our funding structure

We distinguish the activities of the servicers (TradeFlow – acting as an Investment Advisory Company1 using its unique ICT system2 – and local Supply@ME subsidiaries – acting as Inventory Servicers leveraging our Platform) and the Funders. Each Inventory Monetisation transaction can involve multiple types of investors depending on the risk appetite:

  • Equity investors (typically Hedge Fund and Family Offices) may be interested in direct subscription to the 4 Funds. The Funds can be aligned to each inventory monetisation transaction (whether in-transit or warehoused goods) and, additionally, achieve leverage through the debt issuance programme as below;
  • Debt Investors (whether Debt and Credit Funds, Asset Based Lenders, or Family Offices) may be interested to subscribe:
    • The Senior Notes programme of the two active TradeFlow Funds. In this regard, the Company announced in the RNS published on 9 August 2021, that the TradeFlow Capital funds received. Leveraging the global investor network of the Company, the funds have already secured investors subscribing for the full, initial $40 million issuance);
    • The notes/loans borrowed directly by the so named “Stock (trading) Companies” established for each jurisdiction in order to deploy the inventory – warehoused goods – monetisation transactions
  • For investors interested in a Shariah compliant asset class, the Global Inventory programme will launch a dedicated compartment arranged by Reyl-Intesa Sanpaolo3, as announced by the Company in the RNS of 23 November 2021.
1 TradeFlow is a Registered Fund Management Company regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Member of the Alternative Investment
Management Association
2 TradeFlow is a Corporate Member of the Singapore FinTech Association and FinTech Certified by the SFA.
3 REYL Innovative Banking