What we offer

Whether you run an SME, mid-cap or large corporate, our cost effective Inventory Monetisation platform can help you improve your working capital position

Many businesses need finance to support their working capital and are used to traditional funding methods such as invoice discounting and asset finance but what about the cash tied up in inventory?

Inventory monetisation enables you to free up this cash, which can allow you to:

Inventory Monetisation is

Convenient: Our simple and digitised online platform allows for a less arduous monitoring and communication process. Additionally, the online Platform enables instantaneous access to the inventory listed and tracked at any time.

Controlled: The inventory can be either raw materials or finished goods or a mix of both. You can buy back the inventory to put through your manufacturing process before selling back to us as finished goods. Inventory can be stored either in your own or a third-party warehouse. There is no physical movement of the stock, and we can work with you to decide how much inventory we buy; it can be a portion of your overall stock or just certain items.

Cost effective: Traditional inventory financing options heavily discount the value of the inventory, are offered with multiple covenants, or are only available on receivables. This has impacted businesses’ ability to generate cashflow until goods are sold.

Worldwide: Our international network of advisors allow the platform to carry out comprehensive inventory assessments, management and monitoring around the world.

Flexible: Through our Platform vehicles (“stock companies”), alongside our funding partners, we monetise inventories via a ‘true sale’. Inventories are purchases at up to 100% of the purchase price and left ‘on consignment’ until such time you sell the inventory to your end-customer.

Straightforward: Supply@ME’s onboarding process for clients is straightforward and we have invested heavily in its inventory monitoring technology to ensure that it plugs seamlessly into existing systems and enhances monitoring.

Realistic: Comprehensive assessments and due diligence used to determine the initial purchase price of your inventory.

Adaptable: When you are ready to sell to your end customer and refill with new inventory, inventory is purchased at book value (plus an agreed mark-up based on onward sales). We will work with you to ensure the timing of the buy-back is in line with your cash cycle

Consistent: The offering is a three-year contract where, for the first two years, the stock sold is rotated through this buy back mechanism. In year three, instead of refilling, the facility winds down as the inventory is sold on. You do not carry the unsold risk for any inventory not sold during this final liquidation period.