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About Us

Supply@ME is a leading global inventory monetisation platform. For clients, our platform gives access to immediate cashflow otherwise locked up in their inventories, For investors, we provide access to a new, untapped asset class.

Inventory is one of, if not the largest asset for many manufacturing and trading companies. However, until it is sold, inventory does not support a business’ growth. Banks, other lenders and FinTechs have, historically, been reluctant to lend against inventory due to concerns around security. SUPPLY@ME is different. Simply, we enable a business to optimise their cashflow by monetising inventory during the storage period, when goods are either waiting to start the manufacturing process or as a finished product to be shipped to customers. Supply@ME’s Platform facilitates the acquisition of inventory on a true sale basis via an independent Stock Company. The true sale element allows client companies to de-leverage versus other existing inventory financing instruments. Client companies usually retain custody of the inventory and request to buy back the inventory when it is required for the manufacturing process or to sell to a customer. We are proud to be the first independent FinTech Company to develop and provide a new method of Inventory Monetisation in order to improve the working capital needs of companies.